House Style Salad

Lettuce, cucumber, bean sprouts, fried tofu w/ peanuts dressing

Wonton Soup
$ 3.5

Spring Roll

vegetables spring roll

Chicken Wing

Fried Wonton
$ 3.5

ground chicken wrapped with wonton skin

Satay Padang Beef

Beef Tongue Padang serve with rice cake/lontong

Satay Pork or Chicken

Lamb Satay


Fried fish cake, tofu, stuffed tofu,egg with peanut sauce

Gado Gado

Indonesian most famous salad contains peanuts


Fried fish cake serves with vinegar sauce


$ 1.5


Coconut Juice
$ 3

Passion Fruit Juice
$ 2.5

Es Teler

Avocado Juice

Soda Gembira

Soursop Juice

Durian Juice

Es Cendol

The Kotak

Side Order

White Rice
$ 1.5

Coconut Rice

Fried Tempe
$ 3.00

$ 4

fried stinky beans

$ 1.5

3 different sambal to choose : Belacan, Balado or Hijau

Fried Tofu
$ 2

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N1. Mie Komplit

Homemade egg noodles with shredded chicken, mushroom, bbq pork, egg, vegetable, wonton, meat ball, serve with chicken broth soup


N2. Mie Seafood

Homemade egg noodles with shrimp. squid, fish ball, wonton, vegetable serve with chicken broth soup


N3.Mie Kepiting

Homemade egg noodles with crab meat, fish cake, fish ball, vegetable, wonton serve with chicken broth soup


N4. Mie Bbq Pork

Homemade egg noodle with bbq pork, wonton, vegetables serve with chicken broth soup


N5. Mie Ayam

Choice of homemade egg noodle, flat egg noodle, with shredded chicken, mushroom, wonton, vegetables serve with chicken broth soup


N6. Mie Bakso

Choice of homemade egg noodle, flat egg noodle, rice noodle, with meat ball, vegetables serve with chicken broth soup


N7. Kwetiaw Goreng

Saute flat rice noodles with sausage, fish ball, shrimp, pork, egg, vegetables


N8. Bihun Goreng

Saute rice noodle with sausage, fish ball, shrimp, pork, egg, vegetable


N9. Mie Goreng

Saute rice noodle with sausage, fish ball, shrimp, pork, egg, vegetables


N10. Mie Belacan

Spicy Shrimp Paste egg noodle with calamari, shrimp, veggies


N11. Kari Bihun

Rice noodle with fried tofu, fried fish ball, fried egg, fried potato top with curry sauce



R1. Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng

Coconut rice with fried chicken, spicy egg, anchovy, assorted pickles


R2. Nasi Lemak Rendang

Coconut rice with beef rendang, spicy egg, anchovies, assorted pickles


R3. Nasi Uduk

Coconut rice with anchovy, spicy egg, shrimp cracker, cucumber


R4. Nasi Goreng Special

Fried Rice with sausage, bbq pork, fish ball, onion, egg, cucumber, tomato


R5. Nasi Goreng Seafood

Fried rice with shrimp,fishball, calamari, fishcake egg, cucumber, tomato


R6. Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin

Fried Rice with chicken, salted fish, egg, cucumber, tomato


R7. Nasi Goreng Petai

Fried Rice with shrimp, stinky beans, egg, cucumber, tomato


R8. Nasi Sayur

White rice with veggie curry, sambal goreng, spicy egg, cucumber, cracker


R9. Lontong Sayur

Firm rice with veggie curry, beef rendang, sambal goreng, spicy egg, cracker, peanut


R10. Nasi Pecel Ikan

White rice or Coconut rice w/ fried fish fillet tilapia, fried tofu, fried tempe, anchovy, raw veggie, sambal


R11. Nasi Pecel Ayam Goreng

White Rice or coconut rice w/ fried chicken, fried tofu, fried tempe, anchovy, raw veggie, sambal


R12. Nasi Ayam Sambal Hijau

White rice w/ fried chicken topped w/ green chili, spicy egg, veggie curry, cracker, cucumber


R13. Nasi Ikan Balado

Steamed white rice w/ spicy fried fish fillet, vegetables curry, spicy egg, cracker, cucumber


R14. Soto Medan

Coconut milk with shredded chicken, potato patties, bean sprout, fried vermicelli


R15. Nasi Urap

White rice with assorted veggie mix w/ marinated shredded coconut, fried chicken, cracker


R16. Nasi Campur Medan

White rice w/ homemade pork sausages, bbq pork, pork belly, soy egg, sambal goreng, cucumber serve with clear broth


R17. Nasi Campur Ayam Goreng

White rice w/ veggie curry, fried chicken, sambal goreng, spicy egg, cracker


R18. Nasi Campur Rendang

White rice with veggie curry, beef rendang, spicy egg, cracker, sambal goreng


R19. Nasi Ayam Bakar Padang

White rice w/ Marinated grilled curry chicken, sambal goreng, cucumber, cracker


R20. Sop Buntut/ Oxtail Soup

Clear oxtail soup with potato, carrot, tomato, celery, scallion, serve w/ rice


R21. Grilled / Deep Fried Fish of the Day

Fish of the day serve with raw veggies, sambal


R22. Original Nasi Padang ( Dine In Only )

The authentic padang style rice table with: Curry Chicken, Beef Rendang, Potato patties, spicy shrimp, Curry collard green, green chili


R23. Nasi Bungkus

The take out version of nasi padang w/ curry young jackfruit, collard green, egg, potato patties, green chili, cucumber. ( choice of meat : Rending or Spicy Beef )


R24. Soto Betawi

Coconut milk beef broth with Beef, Beef tripe, potato, tomato serve w/ rice


R25. Nasi Ayam Bakar Kecap

Glazed BBQ chicken with sweet soy sauce serve w/ rice and veggie curry


R26. Marinated Bbq Beef Ribs

Marinated beef ribs serve with Veggie soup


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