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S1. Sky's Salad

Lettuce, cucumber, bean sprouts, fried tofu, celery, peanut, cracker w/ chef's dressing


S2. Chicken or Pork Satay w/ peanut dressing


S3. Satay Beef Tongue Padang serve w/ lontong

Beef Tongue Padang serve with rice cake/lontong


S4. Lamb Satay / Sate Kambing


S5. Spring Roll (3 rolls)

vegetables spring roll


S6. Chicken Wing (3 pcs)


S7. Ground Chicken Fried Wonton (6 pcs)

ground chicken wrapped with wonton skin


S8. Ground Chicken Wonton Soup


S9. Batagor

Fried fish cake, tofu, stuffed tofu,egg with peanut sauce


S10. Gado Gado

Indonesian most famous salad contains peanuts


S11. Pempek

Fried fish cake serves with vinegar sauce


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